VRS and the Environment

VRS is committed to Eco-Friendly Cleaning that minimizes the impact of its activities on the environment. We will continue to work with our clients to develop environmental solutions to comply with current and future legislation. VRS will not use strong or dangerous cleaning solvents or chemicals, and we will store our raw materials and dispose of any waste in such ways as to prevent pollution. We will strive to undertake waste reduction and to re-use and recycle where ever possible.

Health & Safety

All reasonable steps will be taken by VRS to ensure the safety of all employees engaged in our cleaning operations. Where necessary we will undertake a risk assessment and we will introduce strict control measures to reduce risk when needed. We will continue to strive to train our employees to the highest possible standards, and we will ensure that all our equipment is free from defect and regularly serviced and properly stored.

Water Conservation

For many years now water has been one of the most precious resources in Cyprus. Unpredictable rainfall has in the past has led the Government on numerous occasions to implement strict water rationing. When one considers that for conventional wet carpet cleaning, up to 1 litre of water can be used to clean one square metre of carpet This in turn generates large amounts of waste water which burdens sewers and water treatment facilities. VRS uses up to 90% less water than conventional cleaners, and in some cases the saving is 100%.