Venetian blind cleaning

On entering a room one is automatically drawn to look at the windows, and well cleaned blinds can become a focal point of the room and office. Blinds primarily dilute strong sunlight, but did you know that they also act as a filter to the air we breathe? We are very conscious of cleaning and maintaining our carpets and furniture, but we tend to neglect our blinds. On closer inspection you will probably find a great deal of dust on them, which is then circulated and breathed in. Dirty blinds are a health hazard.

Cleaning blinds by hand is very time consuming and does not necessarily remove all traces of dust and grime. VRS now offer a modern and more effective venetian blind cleaning system, using up to date Ultrasonic technology. Each blind is individually immersed in a special tank containing eco friendly cleansing solution. Please note, that no strong and dangerous solvents or chemicals are used. High frequency sound waves are passed through the water heated to a controlled temperature. When these sound waves pass through the water they create something called cavitation. This causes the water to literally vibrate and removes the dirt and grime off all parts of the blind. Ultasonic blind cleaning has amazing results and it helps to remove harmful bacteria, pollution and allergens from your home or office environment.

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